Research interests

The Université de Montréal School of Industrial Relations (ÉRI) is a major research hub, the leader among Canadian universities for research grants and publications in its field.

Most ÉRI faculty are full-time professors, trained at renowned universities in North America and Europe.

Their teaching is based on advanced research in:

  • Strategic and international management of human resources
  • Organizational change and its impact on work and employment
  • Developments in labour relations and unionism in the context of globalization
  • The shifting labour market and transformations in the makeup of the workforce
  • Labour law issues and social protection institutions
  • Occupational health and well-being, etc.

Many faculty members collaborate regularly with government departments, commissions, enterprises and unions to conduct research, contribute to the development of innovative policies and practices, or offer training on workplace-related themes.

For the complete list of our experts, see the School directory.